CV / Qualifications

Journalistic work in South America

Studies of economics at the University of Bonn (among others with Prof. Dr. Selten, pioneer in game theorie / experimental / behavioral economics and winner of the Nobel Prize in economics)

AIESEC Internship with Spanish bank (Malaga/Antequera), working in the Accounting Department transacting with the Central Bank of Spain

University of California / Berkeley: „Financing the software venture“, further post graduate professional education at the Bergische University of Wuppertal (asset management, investment banking) and Stanford University (new technologies, financing, entrepreneuership)

Publications in the Rudolf Haufe Verlag

Consultant with European Info Center GEBI-mbH in Bonn (subsidiary of DG-Bank and V&R-Banken) 

Six years corporate finance and international business consultant with EUTELIS Consult (joint venture including France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank)

Several projects for the European commission

More than 15 years independent business consultant, corporate finance and investment advisor.


Founder’s shareholder with TechDax-Company (renewable energy)

Several tenbaggers for advised investors, early risk alerts to potential bankruptcies in the banking sector (Feb. 2007), early warnings of investment bubbles in sectors like: biofuels, biogas, photovoltaic, i.e. early warnings of wirecard (since 2013),

multiple direct and indirect whistleblower around org / financial crime


Germany, Switzerland, Spain, USA, China


German, English, Spanish, French (Basics)